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Check out this process  video.  Procreate  on  an  iPad Pro with  the  Apple  Pencil.

My thoughts

About Me

My Beginnings

I absolutely love drawing comics I’ve been doing it since grade school much to the consternation of the nuns. The nuns tried their best to get me stop wasting my time on comics, clearly they failed.   To me   comics  are  one  of  the  truly  great  art forms,  you  can  do  so  much  with  them .  So  even  when  they  don’t  quite  achieve  their  potential  I  still  believe  in  them.

My Favorite Work

At the end of the day, the work I enjoy the most is when the audience feels connected to my art.  There's nothing worse than an audience that doesn't react to you and just watches passively,  it’s like  shouting into  the  void.  Which  is  frustrating.

My Life Today

I'm very lucky to  have  found  an  audience for  my cartoons,  and  they  have been  incredibly supportive.  I  hope  you’ll  become  one  of  my  fans,  and  maybe  even  commission  me  to  bring  your  chibi  dreams  to  life.  I hope we are able to work together soon!

Commission Price List

color pieces come with a LIMITED number of revisions


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